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Paula Deen Book Sales Skyrocket in Wake of Scandal

Paula Deen Book Sales Skyrocket in Wake of Scandal

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Sales of her books have gone up sevenfold

Paula Deen may have lost just about all of her sponsorships, restaurants, TV shows, and book deals due to the exposure of her racially insensitive history, but she’s apparently still got a whole bunch of fans out there, and it’s looking like they’re on the hunt for new ways to show their support for the embattled TV cook. Advance sales of Deen’s in-the-works book briefly skyrocketed to number one on Amazon’s charts before the book was canceled, and now they’re buying her existing books like hotcakes.

The Huffington Post found that Nielsen sales data indicates that for the week ending June 30, which was when the whole scandal blew up, nearly 3,000 of Deen’s books were purchased at bookstores that participate in Nielsen BookScan, which covers about 85 percent of the book market. While that’s not Harry Potter numbers, it’s a sevenfold increase over previous weeks’ sales.

Her most recent book, Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible, was the top seller, with 1,300 copies sold during that week; only about 150 were sold in the weeks leading up to it.

It’s clear that Deen won’t be pulling the same salary that she has been in recent years, but there are still plenty of fans out there who are looking for ways to support the cook after her fall from grace.

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