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Improved egg bread in the oven

Improved egg bread in the oven

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What are you not craving? Even bread in the egg! Who hasn't eaten egg bread as a child? I wanted to avoid the option of frying in oil. The egg bread thus prepared absorbs the oil like a sponge. I opted for the preparation in the oven and so I gave up a lot of oil. I improved with what I found in the fridge and used dry bread from stock.

  • 8 slices of bread, white and with rye
  • 3 eggs
  • salt
  • pepper
  • turmeric powder
  • chili flakes
  • 200 gr salam vanat
  • 150 gr smoked cheese
  • 2 red onions
  • 8 cherry tomatoes, red and yellow
  • green parsley
  • spray oil

Servings: 2

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Improved baked egg bread:

  1. Beat the eggs with salt, turmeric powder, pepper and chilli.

  2. Slice the salami. Cut the cheese into cubes.

  3. Cut the red onion into slices and slice the tomatoes.

  4. Spray a non-stick pan with oil.

  5. If the slices of bread are too hard, let them soften a little in the beaten egg with spices.

  6. The slices of bread are passed through the egg and placed in the tray.

  7. Distribute on each slice of bread evenly, salami, cheese, red onions and tomatoes.

  8. Put the tray in the oven for 15-20 minutes until the bread has browned.

  9. Towards the end of baking, spray a little oil on top.

  10. Serve the improved egg bread for breakfast, along with a good cup of lemon tea.

Good appetite !!!

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You can use, creatively anything, sausage, vegetables or cheeses that you have at hand.

A few rules for a proper vegetarian diet

1. For anyone, vegetarian or not, the most important thing in nutrition is raw vegetables and fruits, not thermally prepared. They can be incorporated into various salads or can be consumed in the form of juices squeezed at home. Of course, it would be good to stock up on villages, even from the market, to minimize the risk of pesticide residues in these plants. Or buy organic as much as your wallet allows. What helps me in connection with the "trivial salad" is considering all sorts of combinations which does not leave room for boredom & # 8211 for example, use in salads raw seeds of pumpkin and flax, but especially fruits: pineapple, peaches, raisins, etc.

2. Proteins quality should be consumed 3-4 times a week & # 8211 they come from chickpeas, lentils, beans, peas (soy, being estrogenic and genetically modified, has nothing to look for in the diet). Also sources of protein are oilseeds: nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, pumpkin seeds and sunflowers, olives. Oilseeds are eaten unroasted and preferably without salt. There are two healthy oils, from my point of view: the olive oil used raw, and the coconut oil for cooking. Let's not forget quinoa, a cereal that contains better protein than meat. In order for the body to receive everything it needs, the above must be completed with:

3. Consumption & # 8211 in moderation & # 8211 by fermented milk, and not sweet milk. Due to industrialization and modern methods of growing plants and animals, in finished dairy products are found hormones, toxins, heavy metals, antibiotics, with harmful effects on health. The dairy industry also has a negative impact on the environment. Both dairy products and eggs, it would be preferable to take them also from Romanian farms, and for milk, goat cheese is preferable, more easily assimilated by the body. When a dairy-free diet is indicated: asthma, sinusitis, acne, arthritis, degenerative diseases, inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases, water retention, cellulite, hyperglycemia, hypercholesterolemia, bloating, obesity, infertility, irregular menstrual cycle, allergies, eczema, etc. Try to give up dairy for at least 2 months and you may have many pleasant surprises. Also in terms of milk, for those who are reluctant to milk of animal origin, but not only, hemp milk is recommended. For vegans, it is controversial whether or not it would be desirable to take a supplement vitamin B12.

4. We need fiber, which are found in whole grains (wheat, barley, oats, rye, brown rice), wholemeal bread, cabbage, broccoli, lettuce. From the research we have done so far, it is important to limit the consumption of gluten as much as possible, so instead of wheat, barley, oats, rye, we can focus on genetically modified corn (corn) salt, buckwheat, millet , quinoa, amaranth, brown rice. You will discover new methods of cooking using rice, chickpea or buckwheat flour. We must have fiber intake daily.

5. If you are a fan of sweet & # 8211 sweet is a personal weakness, but I tried to leave this point at the end & # 8230 Giving up sugar is not about vegetarianism, but it is a good parallel. It would be good to give up gradually & # 8211 or at least mostly & # 8211 the sweets with refined white sugar (ie all the sweets in the supermarket, confectioneries, pastries, ice cream parlors). As ok sweeteners I recommend xylitol or stevia.

An amalgam of recipes for a whole week

Put the bread in the milk to soften for a few minutes. Beat the egg and salt, then add the sour cream. After the bread is soaked, it is passed through the egg with sour cream, then it is fried on both sides in hot oil. Remove the slices of toast on a plate with kitchen paper to absorb excess oil. Serve with sugar, jam, yogurt or a cup of milk. Good appetite It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you wake up in the morning, do you feel like serving a tasty and healthy breakfast? An old saying goes to eat breakfast like a king and dinner like a beggar. The truth is that most people do not eat a proper breakfast and in no case a hearty breakfast. The meal served in the morning has the role of providing energy for the whole day. A breakfast should contain cereals, foods rich in milk, protein and fruits rich in vitamins and minerals. Because it is considered the most important meal of the day, breakfast is good to contain: & # 8211 a serving of whole grains that provide the body with carbohydrates & # 8211 a serving of foods containing calcium & # 8211 a serving of rich healthy fruits in minerals and vitamins & # 8211 a portion of protein, for example meat or an egg & # 8211 recommended but not mandatory When you think of breakfast you will come to mind only a few choices, often quite boring, but breakfast it should be a boring meal. Here are 5 reasons why you should eat a healthy breakfast: & # 8211 Breakfast helps to stimulate and speed up the metabolism and therefore encourages the burning of calories rather than their storage & # 8211 Fiber, vitamins and minerals especially calcium, iron and magnesium in the body, are higher & # 8211 breakfast helps prevent hunger, and thus will be consumed fewer calories and unhealthy foods during the day & # 8211 breakfast improves memory and concentration. Also, the mood will be improved in those who enjoy this meal of the day, compared to people who do not serve breakfast & # 8211 breakfast helps maintain weight, increasing the chances of maintaining a healthy number of pounds . The most important thing is to eat, without exception, breakfast every day. This action can play an essential role in a person's health, but a donut or a muffin does not have beneficial effects if they are served for breakfast. The solution is to choose invigorating foods that will increase energy levels and provide a general state of well-being. Therefore, it is important to focus on the following tips. ingredients

Eating recipes with stomach erosion

The word "diet" for the vast majority of the Earth's population is associated with a severe restriction in nutrition, while the food is not tasty, which is difficult to do in yourself. But after showing a little imagination, you can get really tasty food without having to deviate from the basic requirements of the food diet. Below are some diet recipes for stomach erosion, which will allow the patient to eat not only "correct", qualitative, but also delicious.

Thin pancakes filled with vegetables

Product composition. One serving is 100 grams of wheat flour of the highest grade (but any), 100 ml of pasteurized milk, a pair of green cabbage leaves, a small carrot. Still need two eggs, three tablespoons of refined sunflower oil, two tablespoons of finely chopped onion, two tablespoons of butter, a tablespoon of sugar and a small pinch of salt (about a quarter teaspoon).

Training sequence. Whisk an egg well or with a mixer, add the milk gradually, then add sugar, salt and flour. Knead the dough properly. On medium heat, heat the pan, lubricated with vegetable oil. Carefully cut thin pancakes, trying to prevent the dough from burning and drying out. The dish must be cooled.

The second egg is hard to boil. Place them in cold water and after you have cooled, clean and finely cut with a knife. The white cabbage pieces are cut into small straws. Carrot is cleaned, washed, dried on a kitchen towel and fried with a large cell shaver. Finely chop the onion and peel. All pre-cooked vegetables are used with butter. After that, cool a little and mix with the crushed egg. The resulting filling is placed on a pancake and wrapped in the form of envelopes. Before serving, hold it over the steam for a while.

Omelet, steamed

Product composition. For a single serving, take two eggs, about 80 ml of milk, a little butter, a pinch of salt.

Training sequence. In a bowl, whisk eggs and milk, adding a pinch of salt. In a well-greased baking dish, pour the mixture of eggs and milk. Keep steaming until the omelettes are cooked. The height of the finished product must not exceed 4 cm, otherwise the vessel does not reach the required condition. Immediately before eating, place melted butter on top of the omelette.

To make this kind of dish more delicious, you can add finely chopped food to the egg-milk mixture. These can be meat or minced meat, fish and pieces of meat or, for example, cottage cheese.

Seagull or fish cooked in milk sauce

Product composition. One serving takes 200 grams of fillets (or boneless meat) of lean fish, an egg, two tablespoons of any vegetable oil (preferably refined) and about half a glass of milk.

Training sequence. The meat of the fish must be washed well and boiled in boiling or steamed water, bringing it to maximum capacity. If you plan to cook the fish, then the fillet should be divided into two portions, if it is a casserole, then knead lightly with a fork.

The way in which the preparation of a box carefully treated with butter is planned. Using kitchen utensils, eggs and milk until smooth. The resulting milk sauce add a little salt. Cut the fillets into a baking dish and pour half of the cooked liquid, melt the rest of the fish and pour the milk egg again. When preparing the casserole, add the egg sauce and milk to the minced fish meat, mix and transfer to a greased container. Bake in the preheated oven until ready.

[11], [12]

Oat milk rice

Product composition. One serving will require two-thirds of a glass of milk (preferably not fat, otherwise diluted with a small amount of water). Take another 30 grams of oatmeal, half a teaspoon of butter, a pinch of sugar and salt, a quarter of eggs and a little less than half a liter of clean water.

Training sequence. Put a bowl of water on the fire and bring the liquid to a boil. After the water boils in it, insert oatmeal and keep it on the stove until it is ready. Cool slightly and, together with the liquid, wipe through a sieve or grind with a mixer. Only then add salt, sugar and warm milk to the creamy mixture. Bring to a boil again. Whisk lightly beat egg with a small amount of pasteurized milk and add it to the ready-made soup. Before serving, add butter to the cream soup. If you want, you can sweeten the honey a little.

Liver glaze

Product composition. For a single serving, take 150 grams of beef liver, about half a glass of low-fat cream, three tablespoons of butter, a pinch of salt.

Training sequence. Wash the liver thoroughly under running water. Using a sharp knife, clean it of dishes, connective tissues and membranes. Cut into thin strips. Stir constantly, lightly tire on a pan in melted butter. Only then a little. Put the beef liver in a saucepan and pour it with the cream. Protomite in a small flame for three minutes under the lid.

The garnish for this dish can come out with mashed potatoes, boiled potato slices and boiled rice.

Pumpkin puree powder with the addition of millet

Product composition. In a portion of 200 g of pumpkin previously taken boiled and sprayed in a puree, 200 g of millet grains, with half a liter of whole milk and water, half a cup of sour cream, five tablespoons sugar and half a salt teaspoon.

Training sequence. Wheat groats well and clean well, changing hot water several times. In a bowl, pour in water, bring to a boil and sprinkle with millet. Stir over high heat until the liquid has completely evaporated. After that, bring hot milk, salt and sugar to the milk. Reduce heat to a low flame and keep the pot on it until it thickens.

In the pumpkin puree, add cream, mix well. It will be better if this mixture is beaten with a mixer or in a mixer. The resulting parsley is inserted into the oats, everything is mixed well. Remove from heat, cool and can be served at the table.

Liver paste

Product composition. For one serving, take 100 grams of beef liver, two tablespoons of chopped onion, a carrot, three tablespoons of butter, a pinch of salt.

Training sequence. The liver is thoroughly washed in water. Using a sharp knife, clean it of dishes, tendons and film. Cut the liver with a knife and mix with onions. On a low heat in butter, put it until completely softened. During switching off, shake the antenna occasionally.

Carrot is cleaned, washed and ground on a resin with small holes. To enter the already cured liver mass, lightly salt. After that, beat a blender twice to drive the knife chopper. Add the remaining oil to the pan. The bed with cool liver can be used to make sandwiches, to fill eggs and so on, it is enough to show a little imagination.

Broccoli with cottage cheese and fresh cheese

Product composition. In one portion, take 450 g of broccoli, 60 g of cheese without dough, 100 g of non-acidic curd, two eggs, low fat cream 70 g, three tablespoons of semolina, four tablespoons of vegetable oil, salt half a tablespoon.

Training sequence. Broccoli inflorescence washed and chopped in a blender or with a knife. In this table, to put the curd through the sieve, add a little. Add sour cream and eggs, pre-whipped. Pour the sunflower oil, leaving about a tablespoon to lubricate the mold. Knead well, add the semolina.

The wedge or baking form must be lubricated with the oil left, the resulting mass must be placed and leveled. Sprinkle on top with hard cheese, chopped on a fine grater. The top layer is aligned. Put in a preheated oven and bake until cooked. This dish is perfect for consumption, both hot and cold.

The most important support for the body is provided by diet recipes for stomach erosion, based on formulas used in alternative medicine. It is possible to offer as follows:

  • Prepare the collection, combining the two proportions of chamomile flowers, St. John's wort and plant mouse, enter a proportion of celandine grass. The grass is well eaten and mixed. Two tablespoons from the collection, pour 200 ml of freshly boiled water. Allow to infuse for half an hour, then drain the liquid. The resulting bottle was to drink half a bottle for 20-30 minutes before meals three times during the day.
  • Pour a teaspoon of dried airai root with a glass of hot boiled water. Put a fire and bring it to a boil, then, for about a quarter of an hour, keep a small fire. Turn off the stove, bake the soup and let it cool. For 14 days, take 50 g of filtered liquid before each main meal.
  • Celandine tincture is also quite effective. But we must not forget that this plant is a poison in itself. By adhering to the recommended doses, this plant heals, but if you take a little of it, you can have severe poisoning. To get the tincture, you need to pour a glass of boiling water in a tablespoon of chopped dry celandine and put the mixture for two hours to insist. The current and detached form of drinking a teaspoon three times a day, one hour before the expected meal. The duration of the course of treatment is one month. After that, interrupt the reception for ten days. If there is a need to take the "medicine" after this period, the infusion of celandine can be resumed.
  • Treatment of stomach erosion can be carried out and tincture of immortelle, which is prepared from a tablespoon of earth parts of this plant. Dry the product with a glass of boiling water and leave for 15 minutes under a closed lid in a water bath. Then insist until it cools completely. Stir and drink half a glass before eating.
  • Take half a glass of 96% medicinal alcohol (≈100 g) and add 15 g of propolis to it. Place the mixture in a jar, which must be closed properly with a lid. Put yourself in a dark place for about two weeks. After the time has passed, the tincture should be taken three times before eating. At one time, enough 50 drops of tincture, diluted 100 grams of milk.
  • Propolis, taken on an empty stomach in the morning, is also effective. A teaspoon of natural propolis is enough to make the patient's condition significantly improved, because this bee product perfectly heals the mucosa, and besides it is an excellent immunomodulator.
  • To get rid of the disease will help sea buckthorn oil, enough to consume a teaspoon 30 minutes before meals two to three times throughout the day and a positive result is ensured. Many gastroenterologists attribute sea buckthorn oil to the diagnosis of gastric erosion.
  • A suitable decoction and such: a tablespoon of chamomile pharmacist pour a glass of boiling water and keep for a quarter of an hour in a water bath. Then insist for 45 minutes until cool. After that, it is good to tighten up and you can take it. Drink a third of the glass for half an hour before meals.

It is good for the patient to drink mineral water with an alkaline characteristic in this situation. The alkaline type includes "Glade kvasova", "Borjomi", "Luzhanskaya". It should not be forgotten that such mineralized water should be consumed in hot and warm form.

[13], [14], [15]

What I cooked today for my baby

Yes, very good. especially for soul & # 33 Like chocolate itself (especially the bitter one), which is good for heart. being a child or not. But mine receive chocolate for their small and sweet soul.

White flour - is it said to be refined? - not good for digestion. I don't know how many diseases you can trigger by eating only white flour, all at & quotmate & quot. how come you didn't know it, I don't understand. If you are not sick, this is good for you, you're lucky.
And these examples: & quotca I ate and didn't die & quot are not very effective. I also received commercial cow's milk from 2 months ago (like no other in my time), I stayed with the recipe in the room and with the neck key from 5-6 years old, and, and, and. This does not mean that this is exactly what I would do with my children, that only I live well-thank you.
I give the children bread with wholemeal flour, white flour from time to time and when it doesn't go any other way - I haven't seen wholemeal breezes before. can appear, who knows.
But tell him, how many children you have, to have so much good advice for all?

And excuse my tone. I tried to be like you. but as much as I torment myself, I see that I still can't be so sour. Good for mine & # 33
I wish you a good day

That's kind of a blow under the belt.

Honestly, you failed to be sour, just unjustifiably aggressive.

# 122 BD

Honestly, I'm sorry for the mothers around here who give white flour to their children. What are the diseases that can be triggered? Specifically, that I don't know how many are not clear to me?

Do you make chocolate cereals? Are they whole wheat over which you pour dark chocolate?

I'm really not cool, I have no idea, tell me, I'm interested in healthy eating if it's explained logically.

Edit, stay calm mirela, she clearly didn't read the subject where we explained what and how, leave her alone, to explain scientifically to us to learn as well.

ps: the chicken wants to kill me, he gave me a homemade bread as a gift, to see what I do to him And he also ate the neighbor's daughter in it, I call amu to the rescue.

Edited by BD, 19 December 2010 - 11:02 AM.

# 123 reteteveg

kroko - commercial bread has loafers, even if it is made of white or wholemeal flour.

the healthiest option would be homemade wholemeal bread.

# 124 BD

not everything has, that's why I put it in the picture, yes, it has. but it is commercially available and without, in bread ovens, even in large stores, it is specified on the label.

in the end, it was only an idea, not a raw material, which I specified in the text, because I was so bored of apologizing for every two typed words.

let me put the picture of the pita I received as a gift, with seeds. to see if it gives me any idea to do with a slice (come on, two). it's delicious.

# 125 reteteveg

# 126 BD

yes, they have. I have more days here but I don't know where, I worked with some of them because they had a bread factory, you don't want to know what they put in it, what I can tell you is that there were two bags of chemicals, they came monthly from Holland, one of they (I don't know which, he wrote in Dutch, the language they mastered as well as Chinese) had a skull on the label.

we only eat bread very rarely so one dead head a week has not yet seriously harmed

I don't take bread to the orphanage, but, I admit, I give the sparrows a cheap pita. will it be bad

# 127 reteteveg

# 128 Roxana.

these cereal flakes are not hard, if I didn't put them in the oven to make them a little crispy they make porridge when I mix them with warm milk
and yes, mananaca almost everything, except a quarter that reaches the hair, on the floor, on the chair, on the clothes

# 129 musetica

# 130 Luanda

at 4 you give him coffee with milk?

# 131 Andreea-Rodica

Today, for my little girl, Moldovan egg, with butter and grated cheese:

# 132 musetica

Luanda, yes, I give him coffee with milk, meaning Nesquick cocoa milk, I don't see what's so bad.

Andreea-Rodica, I also want the recipe, my chicken loves cheese & # 33 Today he has macaroni with butter and melted cheese on the menu.

# 133 Druta_33025

Luanda, yes, I give him coffee with milk, meaning Nesquick cocoa milk, I don't see what's so bad.

Andreea-Rodica, I also want the recipe, my chicken loves cheese & # 33 Today he has macaroni with butter and melted cheese on the menu.

Why don't you try to make him cocoa milk, with very little cocoa if he likes the taste of cocoa. This nesquick is not healthy at all, it only has tampons in it. What is very healthy, and it tastes similar to cocoa , it is rosehip powder. It is too small at 4 years old, my opinion. And my little girl is 3 and a half years old, but I don't give her any nesquick form, or rosehip powder, or, from time to time, a little cocoa.

# 134 musetica

# 135 Bianca_21

# 136 kismoni

-instead of sweetened cocoa I use barley (it is fried and ground) here it is called bimbo barley but it is certainly found under other names, tonight I made them hot chocolate with dark chocolate, potato starch and milk

-instead of the vegetables from beautiful and resistant supermarkets with the weeks (calculating the harvest day, transport maybe overseas and countries and the exposure in the stand) it is preferable the bag with frozen vegetables that are frozen after harvest, or to be bought locally, in season at the market, etc. thus avoiding contamination with all kinds of chemicals, injected preservatives (in this case even jars are better because they are at least more controlled than these genetically modified or injected vegetables and fruits)

-white flour with many superfine and increasing zeros alone will be improved with wholemeal flour, seeds, other grains and we already get a bread that will be eaten with the desire of our children

-use of brown sugar and honey, all in moderate amounts (do not put sugar in the milk of the child who still drinks with the bottle especially)

-instead of salt and sugar preferably spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, etc ..) and herbs (celery, parsley, coriander, crow onion) to taste food

-if the child eats pasta and rice, he will not be given potatoes on the same day

there are things that require a little attention for a positive result and in the end the most important thing is the atmosphere and harmony in the family for a meal to be consumed with the pleasure of children :)

# 137 LateOctober

Thumbnails attached

Attached images

# 138 Andreea-Rodica

Luanda, yes, I give him coffee with milk, meaning Nesquick cocoa milk, I don't see what's so bad.

Andreea-Rodica, I also want the recipe, my chicken loves cheese & # 33 Today he has macaroni with butter and melted cheese on the menu.

I put the egg in boiling water and left it for a few minutes. Depending on how soft you want the yolk. When I took it out I put a little butter and grated cheese. The egg being hot they melted and came out like a small crust.

# 139 Crocus

That's kind of a blow under the belt.

Honestly, you failed to be sour, just unjustifiably aggressive.

So if a simple question is aggressive (justified or not), then cooking is a battlefield for how many "sweet words" and insults I read here.
Be objective, please
Thanks & # 33

# 140 Croc

-instead of sweetened cocoa I use barley (it is fried and ground) here it is called bimbo barley but it is certainly found under other names, tonight I made them hot chocolate with dark chocolate, potato starch and milk

-instead of the vegetables from beautiful and resistant supermarkets with the weeks (calculating the harvest day, transport maybe overseas and countries and the exposure in the stand) it is preferable the bag with frozen vegetables that are frozen after harvest, or to be bought locally, in season at the market, etc. thus avoiding contamination with all kinds of chemicals, injected preservatives (in this case even jars are better because they are at least more controlled than these genetically modified or injected vegetables and fruits)

-white flour with many superfine and increasing zeros alone will be improved with wholemeal flour, seeds, other grains and we already get a bread that will be eaten with the desire of our children

-use of brown sugar and honey, all in moderate amounts (do not put sugar in the milk of the child who still drinks with the bottle especially)

-instead of salt and sugar preferably spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, cumin, etc ..) and herbs (celery, parsley, coriander, crow onion) to taste food

-if the child eats pasta and rice, he will not be given potatoes on the same day

there are things that require a little attention for a positive result and in the end the most important thing is the atmosphere and harmony in the family for a meal to be consumed with the pleasure of children :)

I also use Nesquick and I ran to see what's so bad about it, for that when I bought it it didn't seem like it. Contains: cocoa, fructose, soy lecithin and vitamins. So what's wrong?
I tried for mine simple cocoa for cakes, it doesn't dissolve and I still have to add sugar or I don't know what else. so I still didn't get where I needed to go.
& quotNechezol & quot do not use in principle). plus I tried it on someone and I didn't like it at all. And I would really be curious: besides & quotorzo bimbo & quot, what else is added? Take a look at the box

The baby, if not breastfed, should receive breast milk up to 2 years, not like a cow, not even from one year. So if you do that, he doesn't need sugar anyway, because milk has everything he needs.

Frozen vegetables are really much better, having more vitamins in the first place, being frozen immediately after harvest. But be sure that if you don't write "quotbio" on them, they are just as full of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. yes, they don't have preservatives, but that's all they lack :).
I also prefer them, but the organic ones are better and better, frozen or not.

However, this topic has only become "fingerprinted". it's not about advice anymore, we're already fighting.
Too bad, maybe we could have been inspired, to find other solutions to make the capricious children pop. weak hope & # 33

LateOctombre: rice mice are bestial & # 33 :)

And to be still on-topic:
My son:
pasta with white sauce (chicken, leek, chicory, sour cream and gorgonzola)
be me:
chicken breast in olive oil and a little pasta (and those a little dizzy in the pan, after the chicken)
I don't have pictures, because I have children - quite small -, I don't have time for pictures anymore :)
Health & # 33

30 ideas to get over the state only at home

I've been working from home for 8 years, so I came to a conclusion or two about how not to get depressed sitting between the same walls every day. Now, when many of you stay at home, even with the whole family, maybe the tips below are even more important.

Am făcut lista împreună cu Matilda, care vine în wfh din extrema cealaltă, și am grupat-o pe câteva categorii. Găsiți mai jos idei despre ce puteți face pentru ca perioada aceasta să fie mai ușor de suportat, mai ales când dinspre știri se aude doar despre boală și decese.

Organizarea casei

Faceți curățenie impecabilă. Din aia de strălucește totul ca în reclame. Știu că-i obositor și probabil numai de această idee nu aveți chef, dar mie mi se pare fundația pentru toate celelalte și de asta încep cu ea.

Știți cum, după o curățenie temeinică, vă place cât de bine arată fiecare cameră? Așa trebuie să fie și acum.

Aspirator, mop, șters praful pe deasupra dulapului, spălat faianța din bucătărie că poate s-a depus grăsime pe ea, curățat între plăcile de gresie… mergeți cât de departe vreți. Și apoi mențineți curățenia.

Organizați-vă un birou, un spațiu clar definit pentru muncă. Iar când vă ridicați de acolo, nu mai sunteți la muncă.

Este o greșeală să lucrați cu laptopul în brațe de pe canapeaua de pe care apoi vă uitați și la Netflix. Sau din pat. Pe termen lung (și suntem aici pe termen lung, zic eu) munca și relaxarea se vor întrepătrunde și cea din urmă nu vă va mai crea plăcere. Delimitați-le de acum.

Poate fi masa din bucătărie sau o masă pliantă pusă într-un colț al camerei sau orice altă soluție. Important este ca, atunci când vă ridicați de acolo, să lăsați în urmă munca exact ca atunci când ieșeați din biroul real pentru a merge acasă sau în pauza de masă sau la agățat colege pe celălalt floor.

Ah, și stabiliți-vă un program de muncă (de ex 9-18) și țineți-vă pe cât posibil de el. Pentru mine acesta a fost cel mai dificil punct. Întotdeauna găseam ceva de făcut, de scris, de zis, de editat și, când PC-ul este imediat la îndemână, e foarte ușor să muncesc până în toiul nopții. În perioada aceasta, cred că este nevoie și de multă relaxare.

Schimbați ceva prin casă. Poate că mereu ați vrut să eliminați vreo improvizație și n-ați avut timp până acum. Sau n-ați avut chef, dar acum poate fi o schimbare binevenită de la o rutină banală.

Poate vreți mobilă nouă în dormitor și acum puteți planifica ce veți cumpăra într-un viitor când asta va fi posibil. Sau un dulap nou și vă puteți juca într-un planner 3D cum va fi compartimentat, câte sertare și câte cuiere va avea. Schimbați pământul de la flori, că puteți comanda online așa ceva. Comandați vopsea, niște șmirghel, un trafalete și amorsă și zugrăviți o cameră.

Aruncați obiectele nefolositoare. Noi facem asta cel puțin o dată pe an. Începeți cu hainele și puneți în saci tot ce a rămas mic sau știți că nu veți mai purta în viitor. Dacă n-ați purtat ceva în ultimii doi ani, s-ar putea să nu o faceți nici în continuare.

Mai aveți cutii de carton pe care le țineați doar pentru “garanție”? Poate au ieșit deja din garanție produsele respective (și da, știu că nu-i obligatorie cutia pentru garanție) și puteți arunca cutiile. Că veni vorba, faceți curățenie și în certificatele de garanție pe care le aveți. Scoateți totul din debara și vedeți ce nu mai este util.

Go Marie Kondo on everything, la o adică. Ambalați în saci haine și orice altceva ar mai putea fi donat și așteptați momentul când acest lucru va fi posibil. Listați pe OLX ce ar putea fi vândut. Așa apare mai mult loc și pentru conserve, la o adică.

Îngrijire personală

Stați acasă, fără contact cu alți oameni, dar nu înseamnă că trebuie să ajungeți ca mai jos.

(sursă necunoscută, primită pe mess)

Îngrijiți-vă corpul. Bărbieriți-vă la fel de des ca înainte. Dacă vă vopsiți părul, faceți-o și acum, nu amânați asta pentru când se va putea ieși din casă, pe motiv că “până atunci nu contează”. Grooming, epilare șamd.

Îmbrăcați-vă frumos. Adică măcar nu în pijama și poate călcând un pic hainele de casă. Acest punct se leagă de ideea că o astfel de disciplină face clară separarea muncii de relaxarea pe care ar trebui să o simțiți în spațiul sigur și plăcut al casei sau patului.

Faceți sport. Nu zic să alergați maratonul în balcon, dar trebuie să compensați cumva pierderea mișcării pe care o făceați zilnic pe drumul spre birou și pe acolo sau la sală. Faceți măcar niște exerciții de gimnastică de 2-3 ori pe zi, uitați-vă pe sau pe orice tutorial de pe YouTube pentru un program. Comandați-vă niște gantere sau aparate mai serioase dacă simțiți nevoia.

Matilda face de câteva luni yoga în fiecare dimineață. Urmărește tutorialele de pe canalul Yoga with Adriane și este foarte entuziasmată de evoluția ei și de yoga în general. Și eu beneficiez de pe urma acestei îndeletniciri, de fapt.

Ieșiți la aer. Pe balcon. Lucrați din balcon o vreme, dacă puteți, când temperatura permite asta. Ieșiți la fereastră și stați acolo vreo 20 de minute, nu doar o clipă. Deveniți de acum baba care supraveghează totul de la geam, că nu-i vreo rușine.

Dacă aveți câine, de obicei îl plimbă o singură persoană, dar acum puteți face cu rândul. Iar dacă ieșiți la scurta plimbare în jurul blocului permisă de condițiile de carantină, ocoliți larg orice alt om și dezinfectați-vă mâinile după contactul cu liftul și ușile blocului.

Petreceți timp și singur. Dacă stați acasă în familie/cuplu, nu trebuie să petreceți fiecare moment al zilei alături de cealaltă persoană. Luați-vă 1-2 ore și închideți-vă singuri în altă cameră. Spuneți-i celuilalt să nu lase copiii să vă deranjeze.

E nevoie și de așa ceva, de un moment de liniște. Poate vreți să vă uitați la un NSFW pe Instagram sau pur și simplu să vă liniștiți nervii.

Micile plăceri ale vieții

Faceți din cafea un ritual. Poate că era deja, dar poate că în fuga uzuală de dimineață nu aveați timp de așa ceva. Acum aveți ocazia să faceți asta. Opriți-vă 20 de minute din dimineață pentru cafea sau ceai, în cana aia mișto, fără grabă, fără a vă uita la știri deprimante în acest timp.

Prima revolta anticomunista din Brasov, 15 Noiembrie 1987. Inca o zi "uitata"!

Anul de gratie 1987 marcheaza in istoria nationala moderna a romanilor inceputul sfarsitului pentru regimul comunist al lui Nicolae Ceausescu.

Uitam prea repede, uitand riscam sa repetam greselile trecutului, fie ca ele sunt imbracate cu o haina noua fie ca poarta aceeasi haina veche si ponosita!

Ceea ce s-a întîmplat la Braşov in 15 noiembrie 1987 a ajuns astazi sa fie complet uitat. Probabil ca unii fosti sau odraslele lor vor incerca, printr-un ONG chiar sa interzica si aceasta parte din istoria noastra cum deja au reusit cu atatia sfinti ai inchisorilor. Mai stie cineva macar vreun nume de muncitor dintre cei care au participat la protestele anticomuniste din acele timpuri? Apare aceasta zi in manualele de istorie post-decembriste? Stie vreunul din tinerii care protesteaza acum “dorind o tara ca afara”, cati oameni au fost inchisi pentru ca s-au ridicat in acea zi rece de noiembrie impotriva celui mai odios sistem represiv din Europa Centrala? A prezentat vreo televiziune, fie ea de stat sau “particulara” – romaneasca insa (cel putin in aparenta!) – macar un material scurt, fie el de numai un minut, despre acest eveniment. Au existat macar cateva discutii, interviuri, fie chiar opinii ale celor ce au participat si sunt inca in viata, contemporani cu noi, in amintirea acelei zile, zi in care au dovedit un curaj exceptional si o solidaritate extraordinara, iesita din comun in contextul dat?

Azi 15 noiembrie 2015 putem afirma ca, acel 15 noiembrie 1987 a fost complet dat uitarii. Mai intai de partidele de stanga care vroiau sa “uite” complet de eveniment. Apoi a venit randul partidelor de la dreapta esicherului politic care s-au “aliniat” si ele la idee, datorita penetrarii excesive. Astfel, acum nimeni nu isi mai asuma protestul spontan al muncitorilor de la Brasov, si asta pentru ca niciodata comunistii care inca ne mai conduc destinele nu vor cuteza sa-si critice radacinile lor. Cei care isi asuma azi cu emfaza titlul de intelectuali si care ar trebui sa aiba datoria sacra de a tine aprinsa in mintea si sufletul romanilor, dar mai ales a noilor generatii, generatia Messenger, generatia Facebook, flacara evenimentelor sangeroase petrecute acum 28 de ani, ignora cu nonsalanta tocmai acel moment unic, al revoltei, al curajului, solidaritatii umane. Aceasta din cauza ca ei nu se mai considera legati in vreun fel de protestele proletariatului romanesc.

Toata lumea priveste acum spre malurile Senei, uitand complet de tragediile Romaniei, de istoria ei si de realitatea ei sociala actuala. Cand au murit tinerii din Colectiv nimeni nu si-a schimbat poza din statusul de pe FB in culorile nationale, cand tragedia s-a intamplat la cei ce cu o luna in urma ne denigrau si ne batjocoreau, brusc, toata lumea si-a schimbat statusul in culorile Frantei! Astazi nimeni nu mai revendica acel moment istoric care ne-a asezat pe harta Europei in prima linie a protestelor antitotalitare din țările CAER-ului, din estul Europei anilor 80, proteste care in 1989 au culminat cu cele din decembrie insangerat, si astfel, intr-un final apoteotic au dus la caderea comunismului in tot fostul bloc sovietic.

Nicaieri in tara nu se mai auzise pana atunci strigandu-se “Jos Ceausescu”, scanteia pornita in Brasov fiind preluata apoi la Iasi si Timisoara, in 14 si 15 decembrie 1989, si la Bucuresti, in 21-22 decembrie 1989.
Muncitorii din Brasov au fost singurii romani din acea perioada care au avut curajul sa infrunte sistemul si care au demonstrat ca si-au pastrat demnitatea in fata ultimelor practici staliniste din blocul comunist.

Totul a inceput in seara zilei de 14 noiembrie, cand angajatii Intreprinderii de Autocamioane “Steagul Rosu” (I.A.Bv.) si-au primit salariile injumatatite fara sa primeasca vreo explicatie. De cateva luni, directorii uzinei obisnuiau sa reduca salariile muncitorilor, oamenilor spunandu-li-se ca erau “sanctionati” pentru nerealizarea planului economic. De data asta, insa, pe fluturasii lor scria un singur cuvant pe care nimeni nu l-a inteles: social.
Satui de frigul din case si din fabrica, de lipsa alimentelor si de propaganda atat de diferita de realitatile cotidiene, muncitorii sectiei 440 veniti in schimbul III au refuzat sa porneasca masinile pe perioada noptii si au format primele nuclee de protest. La ora 5.00, starea de agitatie a protestatarilor nu mai putea fi controlata. Dupa sosirea celor din schimbul I, in jurul orei ora 7.00, mii de muncitori se adunasera la portile uzinei.
Ei asteptau sa stea de vorba cu conducerea intreprinderii, insa dialogul nu a avut loc, autoritatile refuzandu-i intr-un mod arogant. Raspunsul i-a radicalizat pe muncitorii care au inceput sa distruga insemnele comuniste si sa sparga geamurile sediului administrativ al IABv.

Primul “Jos Ceausescu”, strigat pe strazile Brasovului
Din miile de oameni care protestau la uzina, 400 au decis sa plece pe strazile Brasovului, spre sediul Consiliului Judetean al PCR, pentru a-si cere drepturile. Primele scandari erau de ordin economic – “Hotii”, “Vrem banii inapoi”, “Ajunge, nu mai vrem sa fim mintiti”, “Vrem duminica inapoi”, “Vrem mancare la copii”, “Vrem lumina si caldura”, “Vrem paine fara cartela” – dar dupa ce muncitorilor li s-au alaturat si locuitori ai orasului, protestul a devenit unul politic.
Astfel s-au auzit pentru prima oara in Romania comunista “Jos Ceausescu!”, “Jos comunismul!”, “Jos cu epoca de aur!”, “Jos tiranul!”, “Jos dictatorul!”. Ajunsi in fata spitalului judetean, protestatarii au cantat imnul de azi al Romaniei: “Desteapta-te romane”.
La sediul Consiliului Judetean al PCR au fost devastate incaperile, iar produse considerate a fi delicatese pentru acea perioada (salam de Sibiu, cascaval, portocale, banane) au fost aruncate pe geam pentru a fi impartite populatiei.
Apoi au fost distruse insemnele comuniste: a fost aruncat de la etaj si ars atat tabloul lui Ceausescu, cat si steagul rosu al partidului. Protestatarii furiosi au distrus mobilier, aparatura, au spart geamuri. Au fost agresati verbal si fizic cativa membri ai nomenclaturii brasovene, dar si membri ai autoritatilor de supraveghere. Este cazul unui militian care a fost batut si dezbracat in pielea goala, uniforma fiindu-i sfasiata de multimea furioasa.
Populatia de pe margine era solidara cu manifestantii: unii se alaturau pur si simplu coloanei, altii aplaudau, altii plangeau de bucurie, in timp ce altii prevedeau deja viitoarea reprimare.

Dreptatea bastonului de cauciuc
Aparatul de reprimare al sistemului nomenclaturist comunist nu a asteptat prea mult pana sa fie pus in functiune. In urmatoarele zile au fost arestate sute de persoane, majoritatea celor retinuti fiind batuti, torturati si amenintati ca vor fi condamnati la moarte.
Au fost aduse echipe de anchetatori din intreaga tara, care au facut o selectie a celor mai “periculosi” dintre protestatari, lideri de opinie care trebuiau separati atat intre ei, cat si de restul muncitorilor. Anchetarile au fost facute la Brasov, dar unii dintre muncitori au fost ulterior trimisi si la Bucuresti.
Maltratarile la care au fost supusi protestatarii arestati au fost extrem de variate: batai cu pumnii, cu picioarele, cu un scaun, cu parul, cu bata, lovituri cu bastonul de cauciuc la testicole, lovituri in stomac, batai la palme si la talpi cu bastonul de cauciuc lovire de calorifer strivirea degetelor la usa smulgerea parului.
De asemenea, arestatii erau siliti sa stea intr-un picior, pe vine, sa tina un creion cu barbia, sa sprijine cu nasul tabloul lui Ceausescu, sa faca genoflexiuni, sa stea intr-o mana, sa sara ca broasca. Unii protestatari au fost infasurati in cearceafuri ude si batuti sau tinuti in frig dezbracati.
Anchetatorii au mizat mult si pe factorul psihologic, protestatarii putand sa auda strigatele de durere si gemetele celor interogati. In anumite cazuri a fost alternat anchetatorul brutal cu cel fals serafic, nonviolent, iar, la Bucuresti, au fost incarcerati intentionat printre detinuti de drept comun, mizandu-se pe intimidarea la care acestia aveau sa ii supuna pe detinutii politici de la Brasov.
Desi experimentul Pitesti era dintr-o alta perioada comunista, Securitatea ceausista retinuse atat efectul asupra detinutilor politici, cat si strategia reeducarii. Documentele de la proces spuneau ca inculpatii “se pot reeduca sub supravegherea unor colective de munca”, asa ca urmau sa fie trimisi la “munca corectionala”.
Cel putin 12 dintre cei anchetati si judecati in urma revoltei de la Brasov au murit in conditii suspecte la scurt timp de la evenimente desi ultimele controale medicale ii aratau ca fiind perfect sanatosi. Potrivit unor note informative, in timpul arestului acestia ar fi fost imbracati in niste combinezoane care le-au provocat leziuni pe piele, fiind evident vorba despre iradiere.
61 de verdicte intr-o ora si jumatate
Procesul a avut loc pe 3 decembrie 1988. S-a desfasurat cu usile inchise si a fost atent monitorizat de catre persoane din conducerea sistemului. Pentru pregatirea lui, venise cu o zi inainte in Brasov chiar ministrul de Interne, Tudor Postelnicu.
Motivul pentru care cele mai multe dosare au fost deschise il constituia participarea la “acte de huliganism”, “acte de dezordine”, “actiuni turbulente” or “angrenarea in unele actiuni dusmanoase” desfasurate la Brasov in data de 15 noiembrie 1987.
Desi fusesera cercetate si anchetate 183 de persoane in legatura cu revolta brasoveana, la proces sunt prezenti 61 de acuzati, care au primit aceleasi incadrari ca si minerii din 1977: ultraj contra bunelor moravuri si tulburarea linistii publice.
Desi anterior, in numeroase sedinte de partid, se ceruse chiar pedeapsa cu moartea pentru participantii la revolta pentru a constitui un exemplu, 61 dintre acestia au fost condamnati cu pedepse la locul de munca intre 6 luni si 3 ani. Suplimentar, s-a luat masura deportarii lor si a fixarii domiciliului obligatoriu in alte orase.
Totul s-a stabilit intr-o ora si jumatate. Condamnatilor li s-a facut imediat lichidarea si au fost imbarcati catre noul loc de munca in diferite colturi ale tarii. Aici au fost supravegheati continuu si priviti cu suspiciune de noii colegi pentru ca Securitatea lansase zvonul ca erau informatori.
Chiar daca a fost infranta, revolta muncitorilor din Brasov a aratat gradul de nemultumire al populatiei si a scos la iveala ostilitatea fata de regimul ceausist.
Reactia muncitorilor brasoveni la nedreptatea pe care trebuiau sa o indure romanii a spart pana si barierele controlului Securitatii si a izolarii lui Ceausescu pentru a ajunge in ziarele occidentale, unde a creat senzatie.
Curajul acestora l-a enervat pe Nicolae Ceausescu atat de tare incat, un an mai tarziu, a dorit sa faca o vizita fulger la sectia 440 a uzinei “Steagul Rosu”, locul de unde au pornit protestele. Gestul era, evident, unul de sfidare, prin care vroia sa arate ca nu ii este frica de elementele turbulente.
Oricat de bine ar fi fost folosite instrumentele de represiune pentru a reduce totul la tacere, revolta de la Brasov a fost prima piesa de domino care s-a prabusit in sistemul comunist din tara noastra. Evenimentele de la Brasov, din noiembrie 1987, au asezat Romania pe drumul pe care pornisera si celelalte tari din Europa de Est, destinatia urmand sa fie atinsa in decembrie 1989.

Uitarea acelor momente si nepasarea ne așeaza în afara istoriei. Oare, ca popor, nu trebuie sa ne fie rusine de uitarea noastra ? Acceptam, pasivi, sa ne uitam istoria. E ca si cum am spune ca in acele zile de noiembrie nu s-a intamplat nimic. Acceptam, pasivi, sa-i ignoram pe cei care au luptat, au suferit in inchisorile comuniste, au fost deportati si au murit pentru ca noi astazi sa fim liberi. Tortionarii celor din acel 15 Noiembrie 1987 traiesc linistiti si netulburati printre noi, nimeni nu este vinovat de moartea celor 12 protestatati in conditii mai mult decat suspecte iar societatea cu greu isi aminteste ce s-a intamplat atunci. Trist!

Cum tii dieta cu bicarbonat

Imediat ce te-ai trezit, bea un pahar cu apa la temperatura camerei, in care dizolvi jumatate de lingurita de bicarbonat si adaugi zeama de la o lamaie. Bea acest amestec dimineata, timp de 14 zile.

La o jumatate de ora dupa ce ai baut apa cu bicarbonat si lamaie, ia micul-dejun. Acesta poate contine un ou fiert sau 150 g de branza proaspata sau 75 g telemea sau 50 g somon afumat sau lapte cu cereale integrale. In functie de ce alegi sa consumi, mai poti manca una – doua felii de paine integrala prajita si cateva legume.

Dupa doua ore, daca simti nevoia, ia o mica gustare: un fruct, un iaurt mic degresat, un pumn de fructe oleaginoase.

Ia pranzul la aproximativ cinci ore dupa micul-dejun. La aceasta masa, poti manca o bucata de carne cat palma (piept de pui sau de curcan sau carne de vita sau de porc fara grasime) cu o salata mare sau cu legume la grill sau sotate. Cand vrei sa variezi, inlocuieste carnea cu supa sau ciorba, cu paste, cu orez cu legume sau cu mamaliga cu branza si smantana cu continut redus de grasime. In functie de ce alegi sa mananci, poti adauga si cateva muraturi.

La doua-trei ore dupa pranz, daca simti nevoia, ia o gustare.

Ia cina intre orele 19.00 – 20.00. La masa de seara, alege meniul dintre meniurile de la pranz.

Potenteaza efectele dietei hidratandu-te corespunzator, cu apa si ceaiuri. Bea doua cani de ceai verde pe zi, rolul acestuia fiind acela de accelerare a metabolismului. La capatul celor 14 zile, vei avea nu doar cu patru kilograme in minus, dar si o imunitate imbunatatita, gratie vitaminei C, potasiului si antioxidantilor din bautura-minune. Pe langa asta, vei scapa si de toxine.

Nu rata nici: Dieta cu avocado. Slabeste in mod sanatos pana la 5 kilograme in 2 saptamani