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Potato bite

Potato bite

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In a frying pan I put a little oil on the fire, then I put the finely chopped celery celery, garlic, spices and I left them a little on the fire, I then added the diced kaiser and then I put the minced meat, I added a little sauce soy, salt and I left the meat on the fire until it changed color, it browned nicely.

I cleaned and washed the potatoes and cut the not very thick slices. Once I took the browned meat aside, in a tall pan I put a little oil on the bottom of the pan and then I put a layer of potatoes, some of the prepared meat , again a row of potatoes, and so on until I added all the meat, and on top I finished with a layer of potato slices. Over these layers of meat and potatoes, I added 2 beaten eggs with 200 ml sour cream and a barbeque sauce with soy sauce and a little water. I grated cheese on top and put the moussaka in the oven until it browned nicely and the potatoes softened.

Great appetite!

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