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Bradley Cooper’s Favorite Birthday Party Took Place at McDonald’s

Bradley Cooper’s Favorite Birthday Party Took Place at McDonald’s

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A-list actor Bradley Cooper admitted in an interview that his 8th birthday party at McDonald’s was his favorite birthday of all

Wikimedia Commons

Hollywood stars: They love their fast food fries just as much as the rest of us.

You would think that Bradley Cooper —who (astonishingly) just turned 41 — would have a boat-load of choice birthday memories involving Champagne, renting out yachts, and partying with A-list friends like Jennifer Lawrence. But surprisingly, the Burnt star and Academy Award winning actor’s tastes are a little less refined.

In an interview with Scene, Cooper recalls that his favorite birthday memory is his 8th birthday party, which took place at a McDonald’s.

“McDonald’s birthdays were a big thing when I was growing up,” he explains in the interview. “We would get Egg McMuffins… I loved the little trays with the party… every kid would have little party boxes that you would eat all your stuff in.”

After all, when you can have all the extravagant birthday celebrations that money can buy, there’s nothing quite like the simplicity of an Egg McMuffin.

You can watch the full video with Cooper here.

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