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Parisian appetizer stuffed with red loboda

Parisian appetizer stuffed with red loboda

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We remove the werewolf leaves from the stems, wash them well and cut them into strips, then put them to harden in a little oil. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste, stir from time to time and simmer until the water is reduced and only the oil remains. Put the semolina, mix and leave to cool.

The yeast is crushed between the fingers, in a large bowl, we put salt and sugar, we add warm water and flour, then we knead an elastic dough.

At the end, add the oil and knead until the dough comes off the hands.

Cover the dough with a clean kitchen towel and leave it in a place away from the currents, until it triples in volume.

Preheat the oven to 175 degrees C.

Divide the dough into 9 equal parts.

Each side, spread it with the rolling pin on the floured work table, see photo, at the base, place the loaf filling, on the opposite side cut the dough into parallel strips and roll tightly so that it does not leak from the filling into the tray.

Grease the Parisians with beaten egg, sprinkle with sesame seeds and bake for 30-35 minutes, until they swell and brown nicely.

It can be served hot, hot or cold ...

Good appetite!

Simona's World

The holidays are over! I returned with fresh strength. with a beautiful tan, like summer. and, unfortunately, with 3 kg more! So. the diet again !! For those who are tired of meat (and here we include ourselves), today I serve you a portion of sour soup, tasty and low in calories!


I really like the green soup!
In the title you told him about loboda and the ingredients for spinach :) Or is it a combination of the 2?

It's a good thing and we do the same. Kiss!

Tare faina zama ta !! good name after.

I've & quoted it "so far" but it hasn't caught the picture! It's incredibly tasty and very healthy!

I'm crazy about werewolf soup, stevia .. and when I think I only have pork it's really awful ((

@Danutza, out of fatigue I messed up the jars :)) It's loboda, I made the change, sorry! Kiss
@ Sar & ampMiki, sar`mana. Many kisses
@Alexandra, that's right! Mutumesc. Many kisses
@Teo, I've only been making these soups lately. That's why I messed up the jars :)) Pup
@Mihaela, mercic. Many kisses
@Antonina, really awful with this pig :)) Pup

This soup is very good, even when we are not on a diet

I thought that's what you wanted to write :)
In the coming days I will also make a soup with greens to vitaminize :))

@Cristina, it's only good for detoxify! Kiss
@Danutza, I can't wait to see the post! Many kisses

Cool and super delicious soup. Kiss!

Alas, after the pasta was over (I kept both, so I was sick of so much food) I switched to soups of all kinds except the meat version, not to mention the meat, especially since it's very hot. Loboda soup was among them, or loboda added to other dishes). Kiss you.

@Strumfita, welcome back. A bowl of soup is for you. so welcome :)) Kisses

Puff pastry with osânza, sour cream, hai or lard (royal) & # 8211 for funny, creamy, pies

Puff pastry with osânza, sour cream, hai or big lard (royal) & # 8211 for funny, cream, pies, osânzele or cakes with osânza, books. What is pig bone? How to make puff pastry with osânza? Homemade puff pastry dough recipes or hájas tészta. Sweet or savory pastry recipes.

We are from Arad and we grew up with tens and hundreds of delicious cakes prepared by our grandparents. Among them are the funny ones with jam and walnuts that we enjoy on New Year's Eve, sometimes also on Christmas. These are also called hájas tészta from Hungarian, books, scribbles (Schmerkifli from swab) or buns with large or royal lard. Their recipe published since 2014 you can find it explained here. Because you have been asking us these days what can be used for funny dough, I said to write you separately the recipe for dough with osânza so that it can be useful for other puff pastry dishes.

Nely`s Blog

A simple appetizer with tomatoes stuffed with cauliflower salad, eggs also stuffed with cauliflower salad (because I have left over from mayonnaise), olives and kaizer.


Very good for these hot days.
A good day!

What an idea, can be very good

Hello dear !! You made a beautiful cold appetizer, suitable for this season !! Very good and congratulations for the presentation !! Kisses.

A very original and colorful dish. It is a very rich and complete recipe.

Simona's World


I'm the first one so I serve myself. Kiss

Wonderful. from 2 trays it is enough for me. Kiss!

After the roll of course, a slice of appetizer cake works :). It looks good! Pup.xoxo

I admit that I didn't eat cake with chicken parizer, but it looks delicious !! Kisses!

I haven't made an appetizer cake since, I think, since Christmas !! :( :(

This cake is really good. I kiss you dearly!

@Cristina, first come, first served, of course! Kiss
@ Sara & ampMiki, a tray for you, dear! Many kisses
@Paradis, they go great together! Kiss with pleasure
@Alexandra, mercic. Many kisses
@Fantezie, I was a little reluctant too (I don't eat much Parisian), but it turned out very tasty! Kiss
@Adina, it's my first time .. so .. :) Kisses
@Mihaela, I liked it too! Kiss

I made it before, I have to make it very tasty! Kiss you

How good it looks! Yummmi! Many kisses!

I like. It looks very appetizing. I'll try the recipe.

@Mimmi, that's right! Worth repeating! Many kisses
@Danutza, and it's very good !! Kiss
@Alice, I highly recommend it! Many kisses

I want it too !! Kisses with glitter!

@Adela, serve with pleasure! Sweet Kisses

I love these colorful appetizers!

It looks super appetizing!
It's not hard at all to imagine why the colleagues wanted the recipe!

Lacto-ovo-vegetarian kitchen

Thank you for visiting.
From what I notice, it seems that you are only interested in how I express myself and what grammatical mistakes I make :)
I post most of the recipes very late, so I may mispronounce or omit letters. anyway, I find it very funny how you analyze the text of my recipes :))
Considering the fact that you found me only 2 mistakes, in so many recipes and seeing how demanding you are, I am satisfied :)
I am waiting for you in the future, to signal my mistakes, so that I can correct them.
Thank you for your comment.
A good day to you too !

My opinion is that the person who commented above is culinaryly complex and as recipes and cooking are probably a lost cause for her there was no point in turning her attention to the way of preparation so she went on to the grammatical analysis. to specify that this is a culinary blog and not a grammatical analysis. if the anonymous person shows inclinations towards morphosyntactic or literary analysis, I recommend him to visit the specialized blogs or if he really wants to be useful (I agreed with the anonymous person who is the subject) he could create a blog where to advise him for example on baccalaureate candidates in connection with mistakes in writing or expression. and for the general culture of the anonymous person I want to inform her that people who have culinary blogs are not cooks and do not pretend to be but do it out of pure passion and in no case for other reasons that you let them understand from -another mischievous and ironic comment from which the only thing that stood out was -a great frustration and an equally great envy-.

I deleted the comment in which, among other ironies, I was classified as a cook without a book, because I do not want to turn my culinary blog into a blog of inappropriate remarks and reactions.
I did not delete this comment from the same "anonymous" because I do not want to be thought to post only favorable comments.
In the future I will post only the comments related to the recipes.
However, anonymous people are not as anonymous as they think. )

Appetizing dishes

8-10 mushrooms (depending on how much you want to make), minced chicken (I had chicken breast fillets that I cut into very small cubes, but better to use minced meat), 1 bell pepper red, 1 onion, butter, 1 lb flour, a few cherry tomatoes, smoked cheese.
Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Wash and drain. The mushroom tails are also cleaned and finely chopped. Wash the bell pepper and cut it into cubes. So is chicken, if you haven't opted for minced chicken. Finely chop the onion. Put melted butter in a pan and then fry all the ingredients in it. Leave them for a few minutes and then add the flour. Leave it on the fire until the juice left by the mushroom tails thickens.
Put baking paper in the tray where you will put the mushrooms and grease it or put a cube of butter from place to place.
Take the mushrooms and fill them all with the mixture from the pan. Place them in the tray, cover them with aluminum foil and put them in the oven until the mushrooms are done:

Remove the tray from the oven, put a slice of cherry tomato on each mushroom, sprinkle the cheese that you have previously grated and put it in the oven until it has melted, without the aluminum foil.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Russian (or Ukrainian) stock market à la kalua

And for the Russians, how many huts, so many habits. And the way the borscht did. I tried many options and this, with elements from me, seems the best and close to the truth (I did not get to Russia, but in Kiev I kept eating borsch of this of theirs). The quantities are not beaten.

1 piece of beef for soup, with bone (if possible bone marrow. About 400 g)
1 piece smoked pork (with or without bone, about as much as that of beef)
3 medium onions
3 medium red beets
250 g carrots
125 g parsley root
400 g white cabbage
100 g butter (or 100 ml oil)
2 1/2 tablespoons white vinegar
5 tablespoons broth
3 medium potatoes (I put beans instead of potatoes)
in summer: larch, beet leaves, wolfberry, etc
2 - 3 bay leaves
a few peppercorns
sour cream

If you use beans instead of potatoes, soak them.
Heat a large borscht pot, empty, over medium heat. Put the meat in it and blink on all sides. Add an onion cut in four and fry there as well. Everything is done without oil or butter. Add water (not a full pot, there is still room for vegetables and greens), put the bay leaves and peppercorns (whole) and leave on high heat until it boils. It is foamed and then it is set on low heat, so that the water does not bubble anymore. All the other roots and onions (apart from a beetroot that we later need and potatoes) are finely chopped (or put on a grater or on a food processor) and then fried in oil or butter, separately in a saucepan. pan (possibly in portions if there are many and do not take place in the pan). Add the broth and vinegar, bring to a boil, two and then pour into the soup pot. Cut the potatoes into pieces and put them in the pot (or soaked beans). Finely chop the greens and put them in the soup. Finely chop the cabbage and put it in the pot, then the finely chopped greens. The borscht should boil, from the first boil only with the meat, for about 3 hours. I skip the borsch when it's almost ready. And before it is completely ready, grate the remaining red beets and put it in it.
Serve with chopped dill and sour cream (or yogurt). And, whoever wants, with hot peppers.


The early summer leaves are not sticky and the sarmales boil quickly.
I prepared the classic recipe, but dietary, that is, without frying onions or making them too greasy. I had 700 g fresh pork (not greasy), which I chopped, 2 onions, a small cup of rice, a bunch of parsley and a dill, freshly ground black pepper, salt, a cup of tomato juice, 1 egg, a tablespoon of flour, a sprig of larch and a sprig of thyme, vine leaves, green (large) loboda and cabbage, a tomato. In the minced meat I added finely chopped onion, washed rice (not boiled, but raw - I like it that way, the whole grain remains), chopped greens, egg, salt, pepper, tomato juice.
I scalded the leaves (the loboda ones, very little) and I rolled the sarmales, as every housewife knows. I put them in the pot, I poured hot water almost enough to cover them, I put another tablespoon of oil, the tomato cut into thin slices, I put on top the branch of larch and thyme (you can also put dill or basil , the aroma will drive you crazy) and I let them boil gently.

They turned out excellent, not soft or greasy (which, for me, would mean unsuccessful sarmale). They can also be eaten by people with more fragile health, because they do not "fall hard".

Serve with polenta, sour cream, hot peppers and semi-dry wine. Good appetite!

Puree - 44 recipes

A selection of recipes for delicious purees prepared from various vegetables or mashed fruits, excellent for babies.

Puree is a dish made of cooked or raw vegetables or fruits, passed through a sieve, passed through a blender or crushed, usually used as a garnish. The term ("purée") comes from the old French language of the thirteenth century, when it meant "purified" or "refined."

Among the most well-known international purees are those of potatoes, baba ghanoush (eggplant salad) and Lebanese hummus (chickpea puree).

Purees overlap with other dishes of similar consistency, such as cream soups, pies, pastas and sauces - although they often involve more complex recipes and methods of preparation.

Video: Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms. How To Make Stuffed Mushroom. Mushroom Recipe By Chef Varun Inamdar (November 2022).